What’s Your Anchor?

The transition from one year to the next is one of my favorite times of the year.

Transitions give us opportunity to pause and reflect on the joys and regrets of the past and create a hopeful vision for the future. They lead us to solidify our thinking and create a plan to move forward with. Read more

Team Dynamics that Work

Creating a dynamic team is a leader’s art. In essence as a team leader and member what’s most important is having an aligned vision, clear communication, remaining passionate about the work, and your ability to inspire others. Use my checklist to revisit your team’s dynamics. Read more

Do It

Artists and designers do it, entrepreneurs do it, scientists, change agents, and all daring leaders courageously do it.

Give birth to a reality that didn’t previously exist.   Read more

3 Essential Steps to a Remarkable New Year

REMARKABLE is the word that keeps coming to me as we start the New Year. REMARKABLE is what you and your team want to be as you move through the year, quarter, or any specific time frame ahead of you. That which is REMARKABLE leaves a legacy and has lasting impact.

Here are 3 essential steps to making your year remarkable.

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Park Bench

Often, as I start a coaching call, I imagine I’m sitting on a park bench with my client as they start to describe a life circumstance. I remember their wholeness, their unique creativity, and their wellspring of resourcefulness, even when in the moment, they don’t. My desire is to bring out what they want for themselves.

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Think of a calendar page with it’s many squares or rectangles, and each representing a day in your week, your month, your year. Arbitrarily choose a day in your calendar, sometime in the month ahead.

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Receiving & Gratitude

Simply saying or thinking about the words receiving and gratitude, evokes joy. Each evening I treasure the moments when I ask my children, “What are you grateful for today?” They stop and see their day flash before their mind’s eye and always find one or more treasured experiences to be grateful for.

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