May 11, 2020 Maria

Championship Games

Teamwork of businesspeople at work to build a business system

I’m not a typical sports fan, but I love championship games. I liken them to those times in life when people have a stake in the ground, are fully committed and passion is driving them.

During these games, so much is on the line and everyone is laser focused on a singular clear vision, collectively working to make the win happen. All players are experts in their position; bold, daring, and efficient. The stakes are high; emotions are involved and managed. I appreciate the intensity and watching mastery at play.

Everything the athlete knows, ever learned and integrated into his/her memory can be utilized. They have practiced, planned and strategized. They care deeply and are all-in for the win. Yet as in life they enter the game, ready, willing and brave enough to embrace uncertainty and unpredictability. Champions trust themselves in the midst of chaos.

The environment is tense. There’s so much pressure to perform with an immense audience watching. Fear doesn’t paralyze the players. They bring their best and stay focused. The intensity leaves no head space for internal mind games. They remember their purpose and must believe in themselves regardless of any inner or outer noise.

Seasoned players know that even when you lose you win; they know that whatever they experience in each game will shape their future efforts.

A strong team will lift and support each other’s success, cheer each other and play with and for the common goal. They know they can’t create the desired outcome of winning on their own. Sometimes the gains are due to a specific teammate’s effort and sometimes due to the opposing team’s miss. They take time outs, look to their greatest supporters for positive energy and remember to breathe. Their expertise shines through during the most intense moments. 

Champions have a coach on the sidelines each step of the way: strategizing, encouraging, and consistently holding the player’s highest potential in front of them. Champions and leaders allow themselves to be supported, they are willing to look inside themselves for what more they need to see, they allow themselves to be moved and lifted.

There’s showmanship, maturity, humility, and honor in congratulating the opposing team that won or in being celebrated. Loss is processed and victory is celebrated. There’s confetti, champagne and celebration.

Do you:

 – have a clear vision/outcome you’re passionate about?

 – know your purpose and unique contribution?

 – have a supportive team giving you positive energy?

 – trust yourself in the midst of chaos and remain in the game?

 – have fun doing what you do?

 – have a Coach, to help you look within and forward, and to encourage you?

We don’t all have championship games to play yet we all have reason to bring clarity of vision, team support and passion to our lives.  We all have reason to bring our best, pause to breath and to celebrate.