May 17, 2016 Maria

Team Dynamics that Work

Teamwork of businesspeople at work to build a business system

Teamwork of businesspeople at work to build a business system

Creating a dynamic team is a leader’s art. In essence as a team leader and member what’s most important is having an aligned vision, clear communication, remaining passionate about the work, and your ability to inspire others. Use my checklist to revisit your team’s dynamics.


Unified Vision

Does your team see the same future?


Do you and your team members have relationships built on a foundation of trust?
Are you willing to call out the elephant in the room? Are team members willing to speak their mind?
Do you start conversations where you see eye to eye vs. where you differ?


Facts inspire creative ideas and needed change.
Does your team share the facts, challenges, and create transparency?

Everyone’s Success

Do you genuinely want the best for each person on the team?
Everyone can be a star contributor. There is no need to be better than another. Bring your best and expect and inspire everyone to be a success.

Know Yourself

Own your strengths and what you bring. Do your parts well and relax around the rest because the team as a whole creates the outcome.
Do you have others to share and delegate to?
If yes, do you let go and let others handle it for the team?

Drop the Drama

Being overwhelmed creates drama and makes you sound ancient and tired. People who are engaged and energized about their work don’t complain – they get excited and figure out how to get what they care about done. If you want something done “give it to a busy person”. Spreading your tired energy is not what your team needs.
Are you uplifting? Do you bring hope and watch everyone rise around you?

Be Trustworthy

Create stability for others. Be someone others can count on. Be an engaged collaborator, respond to emails and phone calls… be available while also creating the boundaries you need to remain a healthy team member.
Are you engaged and responsive? Do you say what you’re going to do and do what you say?

Know Your Teammates

Get to know and care about those you collaborate with. Show compassion and passion for who they are and what they care about. Let them get to know you and what you’re passionate about. Have fun with them and treat those on your team, as you would like to be treated. What goes around comes around – take turns doing the heavy lifting.
Do you meet members of your team for a coffee, lunch, or glass of wine, in a fun location where you’ll naturally go beyond the conversations of work?