December 21, 2013 Maria

Park Bench

Often, as I start a coaching call, I imagine I’m sitting on a park bench with my client as they start to describe a life circumstance. I remember their wholeness, their unique creativity, and their wellspring of resourcefulness, even when in the moment, they don’t. My desire is to bring out what they want for themselves.

Coaching, love, non-judgment, and questions that lead them closer to their own truth, allows my clients to see more of themselves. I become curious about what’s deeper than the circumstance at hand, what needs to be revealed of their thoughts, feeling, beliefs, choices, and their beautiful desires. As they reconnect to their desires, their imagination comes to life, their power returns and their visions become possible.

While sitting on my imaginary bench, under a tree, by the lake, the client becomes curious about their new awareness and gets to the place of fully knowing for themselves that they are absolutely creative, resourceful, and whole and they start sharing with me and knowing for themselves, the answers to their life.

Knowing that the client is “creative, resourceful, and whole,” is at the heart of this work for me. The depth of creative, resourceful and whole, is for another conversation. I completely trust my clients, I honor their individual paths, and I’m in no hurry. There is no place to get – being present moment to moment and joyously creating a life that they love to live is abundant.

Masterfully creating the lives we most want to live is a blast. Mastery comes with time, passion, and commitment. We each have all of those within us. Learning calls forth our own self-awareness, self-love; the knowing that there is no hiding from you. As we connect to ourselves, we connect to our desire. Desire leads to vision, passion and commitment. Coaching creates a safe space to love learning about ourselves, growing ourselves, having the truth boldly pointed out. Coaching creates a time and focus for your dreams and visions.