January 20, 2017 Maria

What’s Your Anchor?

Finding a life anchor to keep you stable, hopeful, trusting & compassionateThe transition from one year to the next is one of my favorite times of the year.

Transitions give us opportunity to pause and reflect on the joys and regrets of the past and create a hopeful vision for the future. They lead us to solidify our thinking and create a plan to move forward with.

Yet, as clearly as we strategize and organize, life brings us circumstances we don’t want or plan for.

With my clients, I consistently help them clarify and plan next steps for achieving desired outcomes, all while knowing that the path to optimal results is not always as linear as we design.

As we enter 2017 there is a particular level of uncertainty about the circumstances we may encounter. I’ll generalize and assert there is ambiguity with just about everything: politics, government funding and priorities, financial markets, human relations locally, nationally and globally, etc. The list of unsettling circumstances is long.


In the midst of unsettling circumstances visionary leaders who work to create positive outcomes must find what anchors them.

In a sea of changing tides, what keeps you stable and able to move your vision forward? What keeps you ready to provide stability and hope for others? What anchors you?

Towards the end of last year, after overdosing on the news, I turned it off for a bit. Then one morning I realized that if I wasn’t listening to the news, and only connected to people in my world working to make a difference, life felt good, hopeful and I felt internally joyful.

I realized my closest friends, my clients, my own strengths and ability to nurture, influence and create change, were my anchors.

I realized all the good people I know, living with optimism and lifting others are not going to change and they are not giving up or going anywhere, they are going to be there strong and stable for years to come.

I realized my ability to trust change, stay open, work with the circumstances, but not get swept away by them was not leaving me.

Who and what in your world helps keep you stable, hopeful, trusting and compassionate in a sea of change?

  • Is it your home, family, friends, wealth, your work and those you collaborate with? Is it your connection to something greater? Who lifts you and helps you remain your best self?
  • Can you name 3 anchors outside of yourself?

    More importantly, what internally keeps you feeling stable, hopeful, trusting and compassionate in a sea of change? What about you, can you count on regardless?

  • Is it your relentlessness? Is it your faith and ability to stay open and curious during challenging times?

    Is it your ability to be bold and daring regardless of the obstacles? Perhaps an ability to influence, build relationships, create strategy and/or get things done? Is it your unwavering passion for the movement you’re a part of?

  • Can you name 3 internal anchors?

I’m back to watching the news, being engaged and still very excited about what’s ahead this year, because I have my anchors. Do you?


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