December 14, 2013 Maria


Think of a calendar page with it’s many squares or rectangles, and each representing a day in your week, your month, your year. Arbitrarily choose a day in your calendar, sometime in the month ahead.

Imagine that calendar square is a frame to a window, the window has blinds or shutters and as you open them, you get a glimpse into your world.

  • Do you like what you’ll be doing that particular day you happened to land on?
  • Do the activities of the day have to do with your dreams, visions, and desires? The things in life you want to be responsible for.
  • Are the activities that you’ve committed to honoring of you?
  • Do they reflect the fun and success you want to create in your personal and professional life?
  • Are they a reflection of the life you want to be living?
  • If you’re answering no to some of these questions, then what do your days reflect?
  • Lastly, do you know in every cell of your body, that you create those days and that you can create them as you wish?

Now pick another day within the next few weeks. How about next Monday, and try a week from tomorrow? Overall, are your days a reflection of the you, you most want to express? Do your days express your creativity; are they fun? Are you joyous today and looking forward to your tomorrows?

Commit to honoring your deepest desires as you jot down the activities you are saying yes to, day in and day out.