December 5, 2013 Maria

Receiving & Gratitude

Simply saying or thinking about the words receiving and gratitude, evokes joy. Each evening I treasure the moments when I ask my children, “What are you grateful for today?” They stop and see their day flash before their mind’s eye and always find one or more treasured experiences to be grateful for.

What do you have to be grateful for today?

I’ve been paying attention to the energy my clients have around receiving and gratitude for quite a while now. There are a number of layers to manifesting what we want. Within those layers, I know that how willing we are to receive with joy what we say we desire, and how deeply we feel gratitude at the thought of receiving it, has everything to do with what we have or don’t have in our lives.

Clients come to coaching because they have a desire for something – a wish. At this stage the desire may be in the form of a feeling, a longing for something, or a strong vision or idea. At this point, the client probably doesn’t know how to make it come about, how to create it. Yet, their desire led them to pick up the phone, share their dream, and to look more deeply at what they’re wanting.

What I find is that what we initially say we want, may not be the truest form or most current form of the desire. So there is actually some internal resistance to what we’re saying. It’s a starting point. It’s not until our desires are in alignment with what we want that we create the life of our dreams. The coaching relationship allows clients to look within and become acutely aware of what they do want. This focus alone can change their world… in the coaching process the client is led to clarify what they truly desire.

Once someone clarifies what they truly want, they become willing to receive it; once they can imagine something they will be truly grateful for, it will become a joy to manifest and all the resistance disappears. What remains is clarity, passion, enthusiasm, inspiration… willingness to receive their dream and gratitude for all that is and is coming. The life they create becomes a gift to themselves and in turn others.

From where I’m sitting, this process is truly something I joyously celebrate, receive and feel grateful for. Watching my clients as they reclaim their authenticity and power is a gift.