Our work has brought me clarity of my values and how they pertain to my position of Dean of Students. This in turn has given me a deep level of satisfaction in the day in, day out duties I perform. Our sessions have generated several innovative and effective ideas for improving school culture.

Jennifer SaulDean of Students, East Palo Alto Charter School, an Aspire Public School

I engaged Maria’s coaching services at a time in my life when I had everything I thought I always wanted professionally and personally. I felt guilty for the feeling in my heart that I wanted more than I already had. Maria gently facilitated a fantastic transformation in me, allowing me to reconcile the life I was living and the life I truly desired and was simply scared to go after. She helped me uncover my genuine self and that had a cascade-effect in my life, from my work to my personal relationships and lifestyle. I call my initial work with Maria, the get “unstuck” period of my life. Although Maria will tell me that it is all me who has created the life and work I have today, I know the changes wouldn’t have happened so quickly without her. Maria is solid gold.

Lauren LizardoPrincipal, Lizardo Consulting

I initiated a relationship with Maria because I sought to be a great leader of my company while remaining a responsible steward of my own personal dreams and desires. Coaching with Maria transformed my whole life: I gained deep insights into my motivations, fears, patterns, and desires that allow me to make decisions and take actions on a daily basis in support of realizing a joyful, responsible, and fulfilled life, both personally and professionally.

Steven LaFranceMPh., Owner, Management Consulting Firm San Francisco, CA